Incarcerated Veterans Re-entry Program

Jacksonville Reentry Center (JREC) Mentor Program



The JREC Mentor Program is a volunteer program open to any VVA member who wants to work with recently released, previously incarcerated veterans. The program requires that each mentor attend a training session that is held by the center and commit to one year working with the veteran who will be identified and assigned by a case manager. The training takes place at the Dove Center, 3502 Pearl St., Jacksonville. Any volunteer must call for a reservation to attend the training, the point of contact is Mrs. Rebecca Zigler at 904-301-2400, she is in charge of the training program. We will need a committee chair to work with the VVA chapter volunteers and to report to the chapter the progress and impact of the program. Any one can be a mentor, it requires some one to one time and your care and attention to the needs of another veteran who is trying to get their life back in order. The meetings between the mentor and member of the mentor program usually take place in a public area or can be scheduled for a meeting room at the JREC. Your commitment is vital and mutual agreement to the time and meeting place is important to keep the relationship alive and moving in the correct direction. Most of the veterans need guidance into life as you know it, depending on the period of time they were incarcerated. Things for

discussion are their plans for the future, employment, veterans benefits, need for social services or medical care. The training will prepare you for what to expect and how to direct the member to the resources they need. If you have any questions about the program please call Blane Wilson at 904-551-2922 or Mrs. Zigler 904-301-2400. Thank you for your interest in this worthy endeavor. You can also e mail him at .


"We Will NEVER Forget"